Friday, January 14, 2011

Modest Prom Dresses from Twirl Prom

Modest prom dresses
If you want your prom dress to make a bold fashion statement and be modest at the same time, then Twirl Prom may have the dress for you. The company offers a variety of bright and colorful gown designs, all of which cover the shoulders, chest and back. You'll find the popular mermaid-style dresses, gathered skirts, ball gowns and rhinestones that you would expect to find with other labels; these dresses simply have a bit more material. The prices of these dresses are higher than the products of some of the discount prom labels that we've featured: the lowest price we saw was for a chiffon A-line, "understated with a soft square neckline, side wrap detailed with a beading and tulip sleeves." At the time of our visit, that dress--available in hot pink, lavender and apple--was $149. Some of the dresses are very eye-catching. This website is worth a visit when you're considering dresses for formal events.

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