Friday, December 3, 2010

Shrugs and Wraps Can Make Your Dress More Modest

If you need an inexpensive solution for making your dress modest, or even for making your ensemble more interesting, you might consider a shrug, a wrap or a bolero. Such articles of clothing will generally cover your back, shoulders and the upper chest, depending upon the specific style of shrug. A shrug may help you cover areas of your body that you may feel sensitive about, or it may help keep you warm if you're attending a winter formal and your dress is cut for warmer seasons. You, or someone you know may be looking for modest prom dresses, and the addition of a shrug may transform many options that otherwise might not be considered. Black shrugs are popular, as they match with many different styles of dresses. You may also consider a cashmere shrug, a knitted shrug, a sequined shrug, a crochet shrug, a silver shrug, etc. You get the point: the possibilities are endless.

The online store, Charlotte Russe, has an impressive array of cheap shrugs. A visit to their website will give you some ideas for direction. They have ruffle shrugs, faux fur shrugs, pindot shrugs and more. You'll see that some of their items button in the front, and you'll notice some of their style suggestions, such as wearing shrugs with casual clothes (adding a touch of sophistication). At the time of our visit to the site, the highest priced shrug was about $60, but several items were priced in the teens.

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