Friday, December 31, 2010

Medieval Bridal Dresses by Faerie Brides

Medieval bridal dresses
Our primary focus on this blog is to search out good deals on dresses. From time to time we like to highlight dresses that may not have cheap price tags, but they're so so remarkable that they're worthy of a feature post. Today's post features spectacular medieval-themed wedding dresses by Faerie Brides. The company creates medieval wedding gowns, intricate medieval wedding headpieces and aptly named custom storybook gowns such as "Snow White," "The Princess" and "The Queen of Diamonds." The amazing dresses produced by Faerie Brides are very detailed, and they are custom fitted by following this procedure: "We set up a telephone appointment and guide you through approximately 25 measurements. We then adjust one of our mannequins to your measurements, adding a bra and padding or whatever is necessary to make the mannequin exactly identical to your body."

Faerie Brides requires a $500. deposit. If you are hoping for a "dream" wedding dress that is inspired by fairy tales, the medieval, renaissance or Victorian periods, then Faerie Brides is worth noticing.

Some additional companies offering custom medieval wedding gowns:

Rivendell Bridal
Offering: medieval, fairy and ethereal wedding dresses.

Lindsay Fleming Couture
Offering: Celtic wedding dresses and other custom designs.

Romantic Threads
Offering: a variety of fantasy gowns.

Rossetti Couture
Offering: period and fantasy wedding gowns (and professional-quality ballet costumes); based in the UK.

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