Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cheap Doll Dresses for 18" Dolls

Doll dresses
The Christmas holiday shopping season is in full swing, and we think it's appropriate to create a blog post about inexpensive doll dresses. A lot of girls hope to receive an American Girl® doll for Christmas or for their birthday. The dolls are quality items, as are the clothing and accessories. If you are looking to buy dresses for your daughter, granddaughter or niece, you might be happy to know that there are some unaffiliated companies that make some nice, and less-pricey clothing for 18-inch dolls. One such company is Everything for This online business makes a large variety of clothing and accessories that will fit American Girl® dolls, My Generation dolls, and other 18" dolls. You'll find winter dresses, summer dresses, sportswear, dress shoes, scarfs, tights, sandals and more. Here's the part that will really grab your attention: at the time of our visit to the website, many of the store's doll dresses were listed for less than $20. There's also a section for closeout doll clothes. This site is certainly worth visiting if you're trying to stretch your dollars in order to provide a versatile wardrobe for your little one.

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