Friday, December 31, 2010

Medieval Bridal Dresses by Faerie Brides

Medieval bridal dresses
Our primary focus on this blog is to search out good deals on dresses. From time to time we like to highlight dresses that may not have cheap price tags, but they're so so remarkable that they're worthy of a feature post. Today's post features spectacular medieval-themed wedding dresses by Faerie Brides. The company creates medieval wedding gowns, intricate medieval wedding headpieces and aptly named custom storybook gowns such as "Snow White," "The Princess" and "The Queen of Diamonds." The amazing dresses produced by Faerie Brides are very detailed, and they are custom fitted by following this procedure: "We set up a telephone appointment and guide you through approximately 25 measurements. We then adjust one of our mannequins to your measurements, adding a bra and padding or whatever is necessary to make the mannequin exactly identical to your body."

Faerie Brides requires a $500. deposit. If you are hoping for a "dream" wedding dress that is inspired by fairy tales, the medieval, renaissance or Victorian periods, then Faerie Brides is worth noticing.

Some additional companies offering custom medieval wedding gowns:

Rivendell Bridal
Offering: medieval, fairy and ethereal wedding dresses.

Lindsay Fleming Couture
Offering: Celtic wedding dresses and other custom designs.

Romantic Threads
Offering: a variety of fantasy gowns.

Rossetti Couture
Offering: period and fantasy wedding gowns (and professional-quality ballet costumes); based in the UK.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cheap Little Black Dresses from Light in the Box

Little black dress
Many girls want a little black dress in their wardrobe because they're useful for many different occasions. Light in the Box offers dozens of different wholesale little black dresses on their company website. You'll find black satin dresses, black dresses with organza skirts, black a-line dresses, black empire dresses and more.

If your style is to be more modest, and you feel that a little black dress doesn't quite fit that approach, you might consider adding black leggings to the ensemble, or you might consider showing a local seamstress a photo of the dress that you like, and ask for suggestions on what options might be available.

Light in the Box is an online company that's been in business since 2006. They make several "promises" on their website, including: "Source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible." They provide 24-hour customer support in case you might have any questions or concerns.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cheap Dresses for Prom by

Prom Dress
Prom season is often an exciting, yet stressful time of year as young ladies and their parents contemplate the different styles--and the varying costs--of prom gowns that are available in stores and online. is an online store that offers quite a few options for just over $100, and several different prom dress styles for less than $100. The company website states that their dresses are created by their own "master tailors," and some of the products look quite stunning in the online gallery. Styles include a sheath, v-neck, floor-length chiffon dress that shimmers; a trumpet sweetheart, floor-length satin dress; an a-line halter, asymmetrical, ankle-length satin dress with ruffles and many other styles. The store does carry dresses from some familiar labels, including Bari Jay, Casablanca and Bonny.

As with any situation involving online clothing purchases, we recommend that you scan the Internet for reviews of particular online stores, study the return policy, and if you see something that you like, order the item well in advance of your event so that you can return the item and get something different with time to spare.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheap Dresses for Many Different Occasions

Affordable dresses
Zappos is an online company that's gaining a lot of momentum as a destination site for quality clothes and great deals. The company also has fans because of the respectful, upbeat culture that they're cultivating with their employees. Zappos' core values include interesting items such as "Be Humble," and "Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit." You can tell that they take the "Be Humble" value seriously, as the website link to the page describing the company's leadership is labeled: "Meet Our Monkeys."

Getting back to the clothing, Zappos offers many options. The website navigation for dresses is organized by style (tunic dresses, shirt dresses, empire dresses, dropped waist dresses, etc.), occasion (feminine dresses, casual dresses, elegant dresses, sexy dresses, winter dresses, etc.), color, skirts, brand, etc. This site has a big inventory. You may need to dig around a bit to find the right style at the right price, but we have the impression that Zappos is very active when it comes to adding new products to their site. At the time of our last visit to the website, we noticed some incentives that may be important to you: a 1-full year return policy, and free shipping both ways!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Affordable Office Skirts from Style J

Office Skirts and calf-length skirts
If you're trying to look the part of a business professional, it's not always easy to find affordable and appropriate calf-length skirts for office settings. Style J, A Florida-based online company has some options in versatile gray colors, and some in blue and in black. Style J presents office skirts in "pencil styles, A-line styles and straight fit styles." They also make plus-size office skirts, long skirts and knee-length skirts. At the time of our visit, all of the office skirts were listed at $40. or less.

If you're seeking a more casual skirt, Style J also sells maternity skirts, trendy print skirts, and they also have a selection of denim skirts.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shrugs and Wraps Can Make Your Dress More Modest

If you need an inexpensive solution for making your dress modest, or even for making your ensemble more interesting, you might consider a shrug, a wrap or a bolero. Such articles of clothing will generally cover your back, shoulders and the upper chest, depending upon the specific style of shrug. A shrug may help you cover areas of your body that you may feel sensitive about, or it may help keep you warm if you're attending a winter formal and your dress is cut for warmer seasons. You, or someone you know may be looking for modest prom dresses, and the addition of a shrug may transform many options that otherwise might not be considered. Black shrugs are popular, as they match with many different styles of dresses. You may also consider a cashmere shrug, a knitted shrug, a sequined shrug, a crochet shrug, a silver shrug, etc. You get the point: the possibilities are endless.

The online store, Charlotte Russe, has an impressive array of cheap shrugs. A visit to their website will give you some ideas for direction. They have ruffle shrugs, faux fur shrugs, pindot shrugs and more. You'll see that some of their items button in the front, and you'll notice some of their style suggestions, such as wearing shrugs with casual clothes (adding a touch of sophistication). At the time of our visit to the site, the highest priced shrug was about $60, but several items were priced in the teens.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cheap Doll Dresses for 18" Dolls

Doll dresses
The Christmas holiday shopping season is in full swing, and we think it's appropriate to create a blog post about inexpensive doll dresses. A lot of girls hope to receive an American Girl® doll for Christmas or for their birthday. The dolls are quality items, as are the clothing and accessories. If you are looking to buy dresses for your daughter, granddaughter or niece, you might be happy to know that there are some unaffiliated companies that make some nice, and less-pricey clothing for 18-inch dolls. One such company is Everything for This online business makes a large variety of clothing and accessories that will fit American Girl® dolls, My Generation dolls, and other 18" dolls. You'll find winter dresses, summer dresses, sportswear, dress shoes, scarfs, tights, sandals and more. Here's the part that will really grab your attention: at the time of our visit to the website, many of the store's doll dresses were listed for less than $20. There's also a section for closeout doll clothes. This site is certainly worth visiting if you're trying to stretch your dollars in order to provide a versatile wardrobe for your little one.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inexpensive Prom Gowns from Next Eve

Inexpensive Prom Gowns
If your prom gown budget is around $100. or less, you might enjoy the selection at the online store, Next Eve. The merchant has many pages of prom dresses (and party dresses, cocktail dresses, pageant dresses), and at the time of our visit, most of the dresses were priced at less than $100. This site had several styles that we haven't seen anywhere else--styles such as the "Strapless Elegant Black & White Ball Gown Prom Dress with Built-in Petticoat Style Hem," and the "Glorious Black Halter Ball Gown Formal Dress with Beading Detail, Rouching, V-neck." There are many appealing colors, including lilac, lavender, jade and royal blue. Some of the black dresses are quite eye-catching. It's somewhat difficult to judge the fit of the dresses on the site because the photos don't involve models wearing the dresses. Therefore, we recommend that if you order a dress from this company, do so well in advance of your event so that you may have time to return the dress if it doesn't fit right, or that you may have time to take it to a seamstress for alterations and proper fitting.

The Next Eve website has some features that make shopping easy. You may browse by dress color, by style and by price (during our visit they even had a section for dresses under $50.). The site also has an extensive collection of plus-size prom dresses.