Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Houndstooth Dresses: Affordable Options

Houndstooth Dresses
The houndstooth design is considered a classic. It emerges time after time as a popular pattern in styles ranging from high fashion to punk clothing. It's a two-tone pattern that is often seen in black and white, but some designers use vibrant colors in the pattern to create a memorable look. Houndstooth has seen a resurgence in popularity in 2010. If you have a houndstooth dress in your closet, you may consider keeping the item. There's a good chance it will be back in style sometime in the future. If you don't have a houndstooth dress, we found several options at some of the more ubiquitous clothing stores, and at the time of our search, they were all less than $50:

JC Penney

You can look extra stylish if you wear some matching houndstooth accessories with your houndstooth dress. You can find some great rings, scarfs, shoes at hats at Etsy.

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